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At St Giles, we want our children to feel secure, valued and included whilst being fully challenged. Our aim is to provide children with the skills to create a positive relationship with physical activity for life. This holistic approach to health and wellbeing is designed to develop the capacity for learners to face opportunities and challenges throughout their life. We support learners to understand and appreciate how the different components of health and well-being are interconnected and recognise that good health and well-being are important to enable successful learning.


We offer a range of sports activities at St Giles both during and after school and are proud of the high levels of achievement our children reach in these sports. 


Sports that we offer at St Giles: 


  • Swimming - We offer lessons for all our children as part of our PE curriculum every year from Year 2 to Year 6. This means your child will receive 5 blocks of swimming lessons during their time at St Giles, and for many of our children this will mean they become competent and safe in the water.

Gymnastics - Your child will receive specialist teaching at the Queensway Sports Centre where they have a fantastic Gymnastics centre. Sessions begin in Year 2 and run every year until Year 6. This forms part of our PE curriculum.

Athletics - We have a large 8 lane athletics field as well as a range of athletics equipment. We offer athletics as part of the curriculum but also as an after school club sport. We also have access to the Queensway Athletics Track at various times of the year. 

Indoor Athletics - This is an up and coming area of sports and Wrexham host their own Indoor Athletics competitions. We offer this as an extra curricular activity using our large indoor hall. 

Netball - As well as being part of the curriculum, St Giles have a very successful extra curricular Netball Club. We are well known for our success and compete at local and cross county levels. 

Football - Taught as part of the PE curriculum but also offered as an extra curriculum activity, our Football Team enjoy success when competing in local and cross country competitions. 

Other sports that we offer include:


  • Dodgeball  


  • Volleyball  


  • Circuit training/fitness 


  • Dance  


  • Yoga  


  • Rounders  


We have strong links with external sports coaches and agencies who come to our school to provide sessions for our children. 


These include:


  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Tai kwon do
  • Street Dance
  • Box-fit
  • "Omnikin" (Ball)

Kin-Ball (Omnikin) sessions from Wrexham Sports Development

We also actively seek to take part in all competitive competitions available to us including:


  • Dodgeball
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Indoor Athletics
  • Swimming Galas