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Resourced Provision (Age 7-11)

Welcome to Resourced Provision! 

Our Resourced Provision Ethos


The Resource Provision (RP) at St Giles School is a KS2 Moderate Learning Difficulty Unit. The RP is designed to meet the complex learning needs of up to 12 children from Year 3 to Year 6.

All pupils have a Statement of Special Educational Need and are placed within the RP by the Local Authority.

The provision is highly staffed with a specialist teacher/ALNCo, a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and 2 Teaching Assistants, who offer pupils a nurturing environment. Staff create a caring yet purposeful atmosphere where there is a balance of focus between welfare and achievement. Learning experiences ensure that each child can achieve their full potential.

Learning is highly differentiated and is bespoke to each child’s individual needs. Lessons are catered to each child’s ability, interests and learning style. Children are supported by adults but have the opportunity and encouragement to develop their independent skills.

Planned and managed inclusion into mainstream classes is devised appropriate to need.

In the RP we work closely with many other professionals; speech therapists, physiotherapists, educational psychologists, and have frequent conversations and strong relationships with families.

The Resource Provision enables the children to be a part of our thriving school community while receiving specialist support.

It is a place where individuals are celebrated.



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Have a look at these websites. We think your children will love these sites and they will help to develop skills that we are learning in class! 

Take at look at our ALN policy which will explain further how we can cater for your child to ensure they achieve their full potential. Click the link below.