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Digital Leaders


D.C.F in St.Giles'

Literacy, numeracy and digital competence are mandatory skills across all areas of learning and experience in Wales and are considered within all curriculum design. At St Giles we pride ourselves on providing a rounded education, embedding digital competence in to all aspects of pupils’ education.


Across the school we incorporate coding, designing, producing, computational thinking and collaborative learning. These skills are essential to a child’s education, making pupils enterprising, creative contributors who are ready to play a full part in life and work.


Our Digital Leaders are an important part of our school – these pupils have shown impressive ICT skills and use them to provide support in the classroom. Children have responded positively to peer teaching and support, and are eager to try out new skills.


Digital Leaders conduct assemblies, encouraging children to try out a new ICT skill or think about online safety. We work hard to ensure children know the appropriate way to behave online, stay safe and follow our SMART online advice.


We can also travel around the world and even to space by using our Virtual Reality headsets. These allow us to take our learning to the next level and encourages the use of our imaginations.


Digital Leaders are enjoying using Hour Of Code where we can experiment with a variety of different coding software, including JavaScript, Python and Blockly. This has enabled us to work both independently and collaboratively, learning whilst we have fun!


We also create music videos, use Green Screen Technology, animations and produce our own songs. Across the school we use Google Classroom and Seesaw to promote blended learning and allow learning to take place anytime, anywhere.